Sunday, 9 October 2016

Pasifika - Artwork

During the second half of term 3, Room 12 were studying 'Pasifika' or 'The Pacific Islands'.  We learnt a lot about our pacific neighbours and lots of our students were able to share their own knowledge as many of Room 12 and their families come from these islands.  Room 12 particularly enjoyed doing some of the artwork!  Take a look!

Above are some of the examples of our tapa design artwork.  What lovely patterns!

We learnt that in the Pacific islands, people have to make lots of their own things.  Room 12 had a go at weaving.  We had to have lots of patience to weave our fans!

The Olympics - The Rings

As part of our topic study on the Olympic games, Room 12 had to find out the meaning of the 'Olympic Rings'.  We used our reading skills to figure out key words to search online during our ICT time to get the information that we needed.  Once we had this, we were able to write stories about the origin and meaning of the rings to go with our artwork!


Maybe you might like to come in to Room 12 to see our artwork and stories!

The Olympics - Let the games begin!

After our very successful opening ceremony, the games began!  We had some very fun events to compete in as you can see in our photographs!

See the look of concentration on the faces of the Room 12 students during the 'ping pong ball on a spoon' race.  Ooops!  Don't drop it!


It was very hard for everyone to keep a straight face for the 'chopstick moustache' race!


We had to have a 'balloon between the knees' race.  It was a great afternoon of fun, laughter and games and Room 12 were great competitors!  The Room 12 mini Olympic games were declared a success by everyone involved!

The Olympics - Opening Ceremony

For the first part of Term 3, Room 12 were studying the Olympics.  We decided that the best way to learn about the Olympics was to hold our own 'Room 12 mini Olympics'.  It is not an Olympics without an opening ceremony so here is what that looked like. 

 Room 12 had to design their own flags and name cards for the parade of competitors. We chose the different music that we wanted to parade to!


Room 12 also wrote an oath of 'good sportsmanship' together and we had to sing the New Zealand National Anthem of course!
There had to be lots more singing and dancing in the opening ceremony before the competitions began!